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Alex Pereira reveals the bizarre reason behind recent breakup


Alex Pereira, who joined the UFC in 2005 and became a household name within the combat sports world, has been viewed as a cold-blooded killer. Fans were shocked when Alex Pereira made public his relationship with Merle.

Poatan, as he is known in the world of sports, is one of most fearsome fighters. His stare is enough for many to be terrified. Not only is he a great athlete, but his looks are intimidating. He has captured UFC titles for two weight classes within just seven fights.

Recently, a revealing interview surfaced that revealed new information about Alex Pereira’s romance with Merle. After the light heavyweight champ revealed why he and Merle split, fans will no longer need to guess why they broke up.

It’s hard to discuss this. Pereira, in response to a recent breakup, said: “I deleted this person from me.” “I’d also like to request that my fans delete her from their lives.”

“It was someone I believed.” I brought her into my home with my family. The truth is, I’ve found…

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