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BKFC Asia CEO reveals struggles in booking a Lethwei Legend Dave Leduc fight with Buakaw Banchamek


Dave Leduc is a six-time Lethwei World Champion and has been calling for a match with Muay Thai icon Buakaw banchamek.

It’s a fight that fans of the two sports would undoubtedly love to see, but BKFC Asia CEO Nick Chapman believes there are far too many political obstacles to make it happen. Chapman tells John Hyon Ko, The AllStar’s reporter, that while you can never rule out the possibility of a fight, he doesn’t think anyone, not even himself, could pull it off.

“Personally as a fan, I love the fight,” Chapman said. “I think it’s great. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that fight? It’s not that I don’t know why, but there are political reasons that make it unlikely that such a fight will ever take place. Even I don’t think I could make that fight happen and I don’t have any limitations in my mind, but there are political reasons way above anything that we control that will prevent that fight from happening which is a shame, but let’s never say never.

“If anyone can, I can, but it’s a very tricky situation, that one. Dave Leduc’s pretty outspoken and he said some things about some people. It’s completely irrelevant to me. Makes no difference to me. I like the way he promotes himself, but it’s…

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