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Colby Covington blames biased judges, a broken toe and biased judges for his defeat.


Colby Covington has made a living off of being controversial and making wild statements, so his latest comments shouldn’t come as a surprise to the MMA world.

In his third bout for the undisputed title, the proud American was overpowered by his opponent. His opponent put on a spectacular display of distance-management and striking. Managing to avoid many of the grappling exchanges and getting his way on the feet, Leon Edwards rightfully walked away with his championship reign still intact.

Colby Covington disputed the decision, despite the fact that the majority of viewers and all three judges had voted for the winner. Colby Covington, a Division I NCAA standout, believes that his support of Donald Trump costed him the outcome. He sat with Jesse Watters and shared his thoughts.

Covington said, “I believe you know,” when asked if his support of Trump had cost him the battle. “I believe they stack the cards against us because they do not want the people of this country to be in control again.”

“That’s who Trump is.” He stands for freedom, for democracy. You know, they will do all they can to keep down our voices. Even if they’re shadow banning our online posts, even when we are saying the truth…

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