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Corey Anderson claps back at Joe Rogan's contention non-UFC fighters are 'wasting their career'


Joe Rogan is a veteran UFC analyst who has fought in many fights. He knows the game well.

But a handful of fighters outside the UFC have some thoughts about his recent assertion that if you’re not in the UFC, “no one’s watching.”

On “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast with guest UFC fighter Bo Nickal, Rogan said fighters in Bellator, the PFL and other organizations are shorting themselves.

The UFC has long been the leading MMA promotion. De facto No. In November, Bellator 2 was sold to PFL. The brand will be incorporated into the organization by 2024. PFL’s stated purpose in acquiring Bellator was to have a combined roster its executives think is as strong as the UFC’s, which would create a co-leader in the field.

UFC CEO Dana White and others, like Rogan, appear to think that’s a little ambitious on the part of the PFL, and Rogan in particular seems to think even if fighters outside the UFC are elite-level, they’re not getting the recognition they’d get with it.

But longtime UFC light heavyweight Corey Anderson, who made the move to Bellator in 2020 and challenged for the title there in 2022, took issue on Instagram with some of Rogan’s contentions and said it’s not all about a…

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