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Dana White Backs Jon Jones As ‘Undeniable’ MMA GOAT


Dana White, however, is the MMA fighter most admired by fans.

The UFC CEO has seen talent come and go in the Octagon, with few fighters leaving a legacy worthy of ‘GOAT’ status. Former champions Demetrious, Georges St-Pierre, and Anderson Silva fit the bill. They all had a long list of title defenses as well as many awards throughout their legendary career. 

MMA’s ‘Mount Rushmore’ wouldn’t be complete without two-division UFC Champion Jon Jones, who White believes is in a league of his own as the ‘greatest of all time’. 

White: ‘There’s No Debate’, Jon Jones Is The GOAT

Why does White look to ‘Bones’ as being the best ever? The longtime UFC boss sheds light on Jones’ resume below. 

“He’s never been beat,” White told Lex Fridman. “He destroyed everybody at light heavyweight, which at the time was the toughest weight class in the company, in the sport. Then, he went up to heavyweight.

“When you look at a guy and you look at what he was doing outside the Octagon at the same time, which shouldn’t be part of it, shouldn’t be part of the the equation, But when you do, wow. Jon Jones, there’s no debate. Nobody can debate who’s the…

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