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Dana White flaunts wealth of ‘Journeyman’ Jim Miller ahead of UFC 300 fight return: ‘He’s made millions of dollars’


Dana White claims ‘journeyman’ Jim Miller has made millions through his time in the UFC. 

Miller, who has fought on the UFC 100 and 200 cards, is now set to fight at UFC 300. Miller, 40, has fought a number of notable fighters in his 15 years of being with the promotion. These include Dustin Poirier and Benson Henderson, as well as Nate Diaz.  

UFC CEO, White claims that Jim Miller has been well compensated for his work, appearing on The TRUTH Podcast White stated that Miller had earned ‘millions’ despite the fact ‘If you ask most people, they wouldn’t know who Jim Miller is’.

You become a partner when you become champion. You share in the pay-per-view (PPV) revenue,” White began. “Boxing does [it too]. Whoever is the champion in boxing, you get the lion’s share of the revenue. Here, it’s Dispersed across everyone. (H/T MMA Mania)

Dana White talks Jim Miller’s finances from fighting

“We got a guy right now who’s 40 years old and he’s on this hot streak, man. His name’s Jim Miller,” White continued. “He’s been around forever. He’s been around since like we bought the company and he’s still fighting….

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