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Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury get into heated altercation – 'Without boxing rules, you're nothing'


Francis Ngannou’s first experience in boxing was last year when he stepped into the ring alongside the legendary Tyson Fury. Ngannou was a heavy underdog, but he put on a spectacular display. He almost broke his opponent’s undefeated streak.

The heavyweights went 10 rounds before ‘The Gypsy King,’ won by a split decision. Since then the pair has been cordial, and they often compliment each other on occasion, but that was not the case in recent times.

Francis Ngannou was seated in the first row of the audience, next to his fellow competitors. He got into a heated argument with Tyson Fury. They argued back and forward as the situation escalated.

“The road ahead is long, and I really want to achieve many major victories such as this [against Anthony Joshua]. One more over Tyson. “One more over Tyson, because I already have him in the bag. I intend to get the second.”

You will slip and fall [ring] again and I’m going to wipe the ring with your a** again. You wiped the ring with your a**. It’s stuck to your pants because there was blood on the ring.

The Predator squandered his time when Tyson Fury’s response was shouted.

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