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Ian Garry and Sean Strickland meet at UFC PI. The security team gets involved.


Ian Garry seems to be having a hard time coping with the drama surrounding his marriage. He was involved in another altercation, this time in the UFC PI. Sean Strickland said that they had crossed paths and needed security to maintain peace.

The ‘Future’ has made headlines recently, but not because of his skills in the cage. The Dublin native was in a dispute with the UFC’s current middleweight champion, and had to defend both his pride and his wife’s honour after remarks were made towards them.

Sean Strickland, despite being a brazen individual, showed a more relaxed side in a social media video. The 32 year old shared his encounter with Ian Garry, at the Performance Institute.

“I went to the PI today and I ran into the f***ing cuck, Ian Garry. Awkward, man. Awkward.” Strickland said to his Instagram followers. He looked at me very hard, as you may know. Security had to escort us around, f***ing award sh*t, right?”

“I’m laughing my a** off. Garry, whatever. I don’t f***ing hate you, dude, I actually like you. I think you’re a f***ing funny little dweeb. You make me f***ing laugh. I think you’re a dumba** f***ing kid who got some p***y that was too good for…

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