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Ian Garry returns the favor to Sean Strickland


Sean Strickland has been involved in a feud with Ian Garry for the past few months, and the undefeated prospect still feels the brunt.

The fans seemed to have sided with middleweight champion in the online dispute, which left ‘The Future ‘in a strange position with supporters. Garry, who was aware that Strickland was going through a tough time, rushed to strike the man down.

Ian Garry reacted to the news of Sean Strickland’s emotional breakdown during a podcast interview with Theo Von by defending his and his wife’s previous remarks.

How the tables have flipped. You can dish out the worst, most vile things but you cannot take a hit. You called my wife a pedophile and attacked her obsessively. You can clearly see the effects of your childhood trauma.”

You claimed to have given me advice before. It’s now my turn to reciprocate. You need to focus on your problems and shut up.

You can say, “I wish them all the success.” Never again project your pain on me and my family. Happy New Year.

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