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Jake Paul increases his $10 million Nate Diaz MMA offer to Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz


Jake Paul is still making waves in boxing but has his eyes set on the long-rumored PFL SmartCage appearance. Jake Paul already has two names he would like to face in his MMA career, even though there is no set date for it.

The Problem Child has shown himself to be an explosive puncher with true knockout ability in his combat sports career. Six of the 27-year-old’s nine wins have come by way of knockout–with his most notable arguably being the vicious win over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul responded to Jorge Masvidal’s remarks by doubling down on his offer of $10 million. The social media star said he wanted either Nate Diaz or Masvidal for his first mixed martial arts venture.

“What the f*** you gonna do coming over to MMA, bro?” Jake mocked Masvidal. “I’m f***ing from Miami, Florida, bro.”

“All these guys are hiding behind these crazy things, but none of them has shown up at the table to speak.” [about] Any business, anything at all to make something happen in a real battle. A real spar.”

The offer is still valid. Masvidal Diaz is either in the PFL. [A] Offer $10 million to either of the guys.

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