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Jorge Masvidal wants to fight 'cupcake' Colby Covington in his own bareknuckle fight promotion


Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are mortal enemies at this point.  They can’t stand each other and tell anyone who will listen how they feel about the other.   

The two have fought in the octagon, and also had a fight outside the cage.  Covington’s win at UFC 272 was unanimous.  Two weeks later Masvidal caught Covington up in a Miami-area restaurant. He then slapped “Chaos.”  Masvidal was briefly jailed and charged with three felonies after the incident.  Since then, he has resolved the matter in court by pleading guilty and two felonies charges have been dropped.    

Masvidal runs and owns Gamebred bareknuckle MMA.  Masvidal stated in an interview with SportingNews that he wants to fight Covington for his own promotion.  

“If it were bareknuckle and just one fight it would be Colby Covington’s cupcake b**ch a**,” Masvidal answered when questions who he’d fight in his own promotion.  

“I’d break every bone in his f**king face,” Masvidal continued.  It would only be one fight because I don’t think my hand is the best.

“I’d bring him over to my promotion and just f**king dog him.  Pop, pop and pop until a man has to…

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