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Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera reveals his home was broken into while in Miami for UFC 299 fight with Sean O’Malley


As if the weekend wasn’t frustrating enough with his loss at UFC 299, Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera had to deal with some “f*cking a**hole” who broke into his house on top of it.

Vera returned to the Octagon on Saturday (March 9) for his first bantamweight title opportunity, challenging reigning and defending champion Sean O’Malley. After five rounds of entertaining action, ‘Sugar’ was declared the winner decisively, outstriking ‘Chito’ by a margin of 232 to 89.

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Adding insult to injury, ‘Chito’ recently revealed that his home was broken into ahead of his UFC 299 title tilt.

Marlon Chito Vera

“The context is last night there was a robbery,” Vera wrote on Instagram. They broke in to our house. They are not just material items, but things that were bought with much effort and hardwork. Hey, this is life and these things do happen. Tonight will be a great night. Tonight, the gold belt will be ours (as Eli refers to it). God be with us, and God bless the person who made it. I really hope that he was in need of the money. Much love.”

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