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Michael Bisping trashes Jake 'The Fake' Paul


Influencer-turned boxer Jake Paul picked up his ninth career win on Saturday defeating former Golden Glove champion Ryan Bourland by knockout in the first round.  Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping said it was a ‘hand picked’ opponent.  

Bourland, who had not fought in six years, was only two fights into the bout. He won his last fight in September 2022 by TKO over SantarioMartin. The previous fight took place in 2018.

“Jake The Fake” Paul has done it again.  He goes to Puerto Rico and beats up his opponent.  In the first round.  It looked impressive.  Fair enough, but the man is a fake,” said Bisping on his YouTube channel.  

“Do not buy the Wolf tickets.  Do not accept the bullish*t.  This was a hand-picked, cherry-picked opponent for Jake Paul to beat to one again continue the charade,” continued Bisping.  “He looked decent.  “He looked decent.”  He’s training.  He is applying himself but he is doing it against a person who is not applying themselves, who isn’t trying hard to be a professional.  Ryan Bourland was a man who had given up on his dreams years ago.  

“The man was a Taco Bell driver who drove Uber.”  A laborer.  I don’t know what he is doing ….

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