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Sean O’Malley ‘Impressed’ By MrBeast’s Week In Solitary Confinement


How long is seven days of solitary confinement in prison? No thanks, says Sean O’Malley.

Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTuber known as MrBeast, was. MrBeast is a popular YouTuber who has taken on many challenges, including being buried for a whole week.

In his latest video titled ‘I Spent 7 Days In Solitary Confinement’, MrBeast went into another week confined, this time with white walls, unexpected food deliveries and absolutely no communication with the outside world.

Even so, MrBeast managed to survive all seven days despite the fact that he was at risk of losing his own life.

Like 60 million others, O’Malley also watched the YouTuber’s most difficult challenge to date. Consider the UFC Bantamweight Champion impressed by MrBeast’s performance.

“I watched that this morning,” O’Malley said on his podcast. “That motherf*cker is— seven days in that white room is [scary]. That would scare the f*ck outta me, if I knew I was preparing for that. If I had to go do that, I would be like ‘holy sh*t’.

“That’s so impressive,” O’Malley said of MrBeast for completing the challenge. “That’s f*cking hard. F*ck that.”

Below you can see MrBeast perform the feat.

As for Sean O’Malley, he…

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