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UFC Events never return to Las Vegas Sphere


Reports have suggested that after their inaugural event, which will take place later this summer, the UFC may never return to the Las Vegas Sphere for a second show.

UFC 306 will be a historical event for mixed martial arts. The pay-per view will be held at the coveted Las Vegas Sphere, and is expected one of the most historic events in mixed martial arts history.

While the UFC may consider the event at The Sphere as a new innovation, the promotion could only host one card. During the TKO earnings call, the idea of hosting only one event at the venue came up.

It wasn’t built specifically for UFC events. It will be one-and-done. “We will finish it in one go.

“That’s exactly what Dana White told us, and he will make it extra special.”

The UFC, despite being the top of the combat sports world, is always looking for ways to increase the distance between them and their competitors.

Listen to the TKO earnings conference call.

Sean O’Malley aiming for the Sphere in his next fight

Who will compete at UFC 306?

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