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Sean Strickland thought that a man had tried to steal the car he was driving at home. He was actually doing what UFC Middleweight Champions do.  Strickland was at home, doing what UFC middleweight champions do when he thought a man was trying to steal his car.  

Strickland, who still believed that someone was trying steal his car, acted immediately.  He confronted him with one of the many guns he had.  Soon after, a guard appeared and explained to the man what had happened.  

Strickland held the drunk man at gunpoint and pushed him to the ground.  The man was arrested.  The whole incident was captured on a security camera.  Strickland uploaded the video on social media Monday.

“The guy stomped out a young girl while drunk, and when a security guard saw him, he got in his car, drove off, and then jumped out.” Security guards followed him. They hit a curb and shredded the tire. He drove on his rim for a while, then tried to hide in my house. Strickland posted on Instagram that he initially thought the man was trying to steal his car.  

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Strickland, in a Sunday post about the incident…

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