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Video: Fury FC 86's Jacobe Smith lands explosive 18-second KO followed by insane tumbling celebration


Jacobe Smith of Fortis MMA could soon be receiving a phone call from UFC following his performance at Fury FC86.

The Oklahoma 28-year-old undefeated created a highlight that will probably be discussed for the remainder of his career. It was enough to impress with the 18-second knockout by Jared McCloughlin.

Smith slammed McLoughlin to the floor with a devastating right hand, and then added one more shot to complete the victory. The impressive knockout marked his second straight first-round finish and sixth in eight professional fights. There’s no doubt he’s an explosive finisher.

What happened next was just a total surprise. Smith’s celebration was interesting, hilarious, and equal parts perplexing.

*Record scratch*

*Freeze frame*

You’re probably wondering how Smith ended up here.

Smith skipped into the center of cage after the referee entered. He launched himself up in the air and appeared to try a backflip. However, he seemed to abandon the attempt midway. Smith fell backwards to the canvas after hanging in the air what appeared to be for an eternity.

He jumped back into the air, and pounded the canvas. (Wait… Did he hurt himself?

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