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Topuria vs. Volkanovski in UFC 298 : Best fight ever?


Alexander Volkanovski’s upcoming title defense against Ilia Topuria at UFC 298 is the best fight that can realistically be made in MMA at the moment.

This clash between the living legend and the undefeated phenom, who is trying to stave off death at the expense the undefeated phenom’s expense could lead to a bloody historic war. Yet given the confluence of factors – mainly both of their elite skills, Volk’s age disadvantage, and his top level experience advantage – there is potential for the only red spilled by the victor to be that of the masterpiece he could paint on his opponent.

Alexander Volkanovski performed three virtuoso feats in just the past two years. Even though a Korean Zombie in his late prime is not an elite opponent, Volk’s ease at which he stopped and beat him stunned everyone. He did it to Yair Ródriguez last year.

The Zombie fight was a great way to prepare for the next event. Simply put, Alexander the Great’s masterwork is also the peak performance in the history of our sport. Nobody has ever dismantled a fighter of Max Holloway’s caliber like that over five rounds without coming out on the losing end of almost any exchanges over those twenty-five minutes. Volkanovski is the only one who has ever done it.

Volkanovski Vs.

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