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Ryan Garcia addresses life troubles and losing access to his money – 'They tried to put me in jail'


Ryan Garcia’s social media posts have caused concern among fans ahead of his big clash with Devin Haney, scheduled for April 20.

King Ryan was a boxing fan favorite, but his personal life seems to have taken a downturn in recent months. The first accusation was that the athlete had been taking recreational drugs. A strange video then surfaced, which made fans worry for his life.

Ryan Garcia uploaded a video onto social media to discuss the recent unusual events. Garcia, who appeared uneasy, vaguely discussed his recent troubles and insisted he had no access to his bank account or mobile phone.

“Hey, guys. It’s me, Ryan. Garcia said, “I’m here to explain the situation.” “I don’t have my phone.”

“I cannot access Instagram.” “My cards are locked, and I am being taken advantage of.” [of].”

He went on to reassure anyone who was worried about his safety due to recent rumors surrounding the name of his company, although he vaguely claimed that someone tried to put him behind bars.

“I wanted to send a video out to my family and friends who are worried about me. I also wanted to share it with the people who love me.”

“I’m not dead. All those lies are false. I believe in Jesus. They tried to jail me ….

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